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Carmel school is under the management of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa, a Religious and Charitable Institute, which undertake different projects for the development of the WHOLE PERSON. As a Catholic school, we care not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of our children from the earliest stage, but also for the formation of character by inculcating sound moral principles, so that they grow up as good children of God and responsible citizens of our country. Education of children is the joint responsibility of the school authorities and the parents. Hence your cooperation is required to ensure the progress of your child studies. This school is affiliated to the Delhi council and prepares boys and girl for the I.C.S.C Examination which is conducted by the Delhi Council. Carmel School, Madhupur, offers residential accommodation to girls in the hostel under the care of the sisters. Girls are taken from Std. 1 to Std. X.

Carmel Kindergarten

Carmel kindergarten is a part of Carmel school Madhupur. Carmel Kindergarten is a child-friendly atmosphere where each student enjoys their years of education and reach their full potential. Our kindergarten curriculum aims to prepare children for school and development of strong language, reading and writing abilities.


Principal Message

Dear parents and teacher
Welcome to Carmel School Madhupur. As principal of carmel school I draw upon my many years of educational experience as well as the support of teachers and parents to create a unique educational environment.
We are glad to announce that we have stared the smart class for all the classes (Std. I to X), we also started online admission and online fee payment procedure. Parents co-operation so essential for the all round development of the child.
Again I am looking forward to working with you and your child. Make sure that your child reads in home daily. Thank you for your support.


Managers Message

Dear everyone
Welcome to Carmel school, our school team is committed to providing the best quality education to all of our students.
I wish all the best to all the students. Thank you to be a part of the Carmel School family.


June 17th 1959, was a Red Letter Day in the annals of Madhupur, for on that auspicious Day Rev. Fr. B. Cauhi S.J. the Parish Priest, performed the inauguration ceremony of Carmel Convent in the presence of a large gathering, representing the leading citizens and officials of the place.It was his earnest desire, that a convent should be established in Madhupur and in pursuance of his desire, His Grace, the most Rev. Dr. F. Perier S.J. , Archbishop of Calcutta, purchased the property known as ‘white – hall’ , for the Carmelite Sisters of Ernakulam, Kerala state. The very Rev. Mother Alphonsus, of revered memory, the then Mother General of the Congregation, sent Mother Xaveria and 3 sisters to start the Educational Institution.At the inauguration ceremony, the Superiors of their sister houses, Gwalior, Giridih and Chakai were present. From the public sector the Congress Mandal President addressed the gathering welcoming the Superior and sisters and assuring them of the co-operation of the local public in their noble undertaking.The school opened on 1st July 1959 with just 4 pupils on its rolls. With the untiring and zealous efforts of Mother Xaveria, by the end of the year there were 60 pupils and 6 classes. With the Aid she received from the foreign friends Mother Xavieria paid back the debt due to the Archbishop for the property.

On Sr. Xavieria’s transfer in 1960, Sr. Hyacinth took over in January 1961, as a stop-gap, till Mother Benegna was appointed as Superior in May.By her ceaseless efforts and sacrificial devotion, there was a rapid expansion and development of this Institution which necessitated, the purchase of the land adjoining ‘White – Hall’. There was a corresponding increase in the strength of the school; the ‘Love Dale’ was duly taken on rent to house the Boarders. Unfortunately, for reason of health Mother Benigna, after 3 years of dedicated and untold service, during which she endeared herself to all, was transferred to South. Mother Benigna’s love extended to the unfortunate and lonely as well.Every Saturday, she attended to the poor and needy with her own hand and made it her pleasant duty to visit the old and feeble in their homes, brightening their lives with her warm and cheery smile that played ever on her lips, despite her own discomfort and pain. Mother Bengina went to her reward shortly after her transfer.Mother Adelaide, who was the next to take her place at the ‘helm’ in her added a further corner-stone to this institution, by erecting the proper building for the school. In addition she had a huge well constructed, with a motor pump which afforded sufficient water to meet the requirement of the school.

In May 1967 on the expiration of the tenure of her office, her sister Mother Emerita took over and in her turn completed the second storey of the school building. Sr. Sylvia, who was the Head – Mistress till Sr. Renee’ took charge, maintained a high standard of English and was equally enthusiastic in extra-curricular activities.Sr. Emerita ably assisted by Sr. Renee, had the school affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations New Delhi in 1971, thus encouraging the public to send their children to the Institution. As a result the strength of the school was further increased.The 1st batch of students appeared for the I.C.S.E Examination in 1979 in Madhupur itself, for this institution was recognized as a centre for I.C.S.E Exam. Sr. Maureen was the next to be appointed and with encouragement and assistance from Sr. Renee, a Hindi Medium School was started in 1971. Mother Teresa, the Foundress of our Congregation was very keen on educating the children of the poorer classes. The teachers of the English Medium School were equally enthusiastic and Miss Nafees volunteered to teach in the Hindi Medium School, at her leisure hours. They started with just one class. God in His providence, so arranged that the sisters who were negotiating with Mr. E.L. Peters the owner of Ivy Home, were appointed care-taker of Ivy Home, by his son, on the untimely demise of his father, until they become its legal owners.When Mr.Peters expired while the sisters were still negotiating for the purchase of his house and his son arrived from U.K. he asked the sisters to occupy the building till matters were wound up. The Santhal girls a good many of them who resided at the convent ,were shifted to the building and Sr. Mechtilde succeeded in enrolling Miss. Agnes Murmu from the Chakkai Mission as a teacher and to care for the girls. Children of all creeds flocked adequate teachers were engaged paid by the English medium, convent and hostel .Furniture’s were provided.

We have the pleasure to state that our Hindi Medium School was recognized two years back and the Superior Sr. Irene was in charge. Our thanks are due to Sr. Elvira and our Parish Priest Fr. Sammutt for all their selfless efforts in getting it recognized.During the period of Sr. Maureen, Sr. Renee’s administration the further wing was added to the English medium School and ‘Love Dale’ was purchased.Three years later Sr. Mechtilde was elected Superior.Ill health caused her to retire from the scene a year later. Dear sister who had adequate knowledge of Santali and was familiar also with the custom and attitudes of the Santals was the one to instill the courage into them, to send their children to school, so she filled a great Mission in a short time.Sr. Silveria, the Superior for the past 5 years, had the privilege and consolation of providing the Institution with a decent Chapel, Convent and proper Hostels for the boys and girls and the Hindi School children.

On Sr. Renee’s transfer Sr. Lillia took charge of the School. During her term as Principal, she endeared herself to those whom she came in contact with, by her pleasant and unassuming ways but as ill-luck would have it. Sr. Lilia took ill and had to resign, thus leaving a gap that to all eyes seemed beyond human hands to fill, and that on the threshold of I.C.S.E exam.Sr. Silveria faced the challenge and left no stone unturned and succeeded in getting the students the necessary instructors and instruction, and her efforts were not in vain. God who never fails those who are faithful to their duty, crowned her efforts with success. Sr. celia was next sent for a couple of months till Sr. Nita was sent as Principal. Under her management the school could boast of a permanent and decent stage.After five years of devoted and tireless service,Sr. Silveria handed over charge to Sr. Irene.Sr. Irene, besides being appointed Superior of the whole institution also took charge of the Hindi Medium School as Sr. Elvira was sent to do her B.Ed.As a result Sr. Irene’s love and interest in the poor, the strength of the Hindi Medium school increased and more Santhal children came in as Boarders.

Social work:- in 1971 Sr. Pia started a Dispensary for the poor, naming after the Little Flower. Sister was ever at her post and with her every cheery smile looked after the poor and needy. To make herself efficient in her task, she had herself qualified as a Homeo Doctor. The demand for medical aid increased and finding it beyond our means to supply the required medicines, sister esorted to Homeo medicines which were cheaper and also procured De Chane’s medicines.Sister started the ‘Mother & Child’ care and C.R.I. supplies were distributed regularly.The homes and villages were also visited as well as the leprosy Hospital and the home of the aged.On Sr. Pia’s transfer Sr. Mechtilde took over, and later Sr. Rose Felix. till a trained nurse Sr. Rose Angel came in.On three occasions, we tried to get Santal children into our English Medium school and provided them with books and uniforms and special tuitions was given them prior to their Admission, but sad to say they didn’t persevere and dropped out on their own. Even 20 children from Mother Teresa’s Sishuwavan were given a chance. Somehow they preferred roaming to studying. While thanking God and those who did the spade work to make this institution a promising one, the Sisters, staff, students and parents took an active part and interest in this institution by putting their hands to the plough and left no stone unturned, to turn out not just brilliant students, but noble and worthy citizens, not only for our little Madhupur but of Bharat Mata, our Mother Land. In 198--- Ms. Philomina teacher of history and English in Carmel joined the CSST now Sr. Phena , Ms. Gracy [now Sr. Kusum ] joined from Carmel Convent. There were orphans named Mary Marandi, Jessy , Julie, Sheela and Bullu who were brought up in Carmel Madhupur . These children were looked after so lovingly by the sisters.Sr. Dolerita and Sr. Annacleta were very enthusiastic in spreading the message of love to all in their reach.They visited the houses of the students and built up real relationship in the neighborhood. In 1988 Sr. Blanda took over from Sr. Nita, and Sr. Rosebelle was the Superior.The strength in both schools gradually began to go up. Sr. Lima was made Principal in 1990 and during her period the school took part in the state level tournament and the standard on the whole came up. Sr. Liberata took over as the Superior and Sr. Tripti incharge of St.Joseph’s School from 1995 to 1997, Sr. Satya now Sr. Anne Jose was Principal of the English Medium School.1997 to 1999 June Sr.Agnesita was the in charge of Carmel School.

In 1998 Sr. Madeleine succeeded Sr. Liberata. The old boarding was in a dilapidated state and it was demolished. A piece of land [10 Chats] adjutant to H.M were purchased.In the year 2000 the foundation for a two storey building was laid, now it is a building with few class rooms, a computer lab, an auditorium and a guest room especially for retreat preachers.Year 1999 was the year of senior citizens. Annual day was celebrated as ‘Grand parent’s Day’ to honour the senior citizens of Madhupur.Sr. Theresilda and Sr. Jay Grace were minding the schools. Sr. Rosina was very active in conducting Mahila Sangh Meetings, mother & child programme , distribution of CRS food material and medicines in the dispensary. She was known as the nurse sister among the people.Sr. Soumita took over from Sr. Jaya Grace she managed the school as well as the Little Flower Hostel. Sr. Diana came in place of Sr. Madeliene as superior. All the time superiors used to be in charge of K.G. Now as Sr. Diana young and vibrant trained primary teacher took up teaching in the middle school. Sr. Rosebelle lover of tiny tots and nursery rhymes was made K.G incharge. In the year 2002 Sr. Rosina was transferred and Sr. Annebelle came in place of her to take charge of the dispensary and the Little Flower hostel. Sr. Elaine took charge as the procurator.Few toilets attached to the sisters’ rooms were built.Srs. Elaine and Annabelle were transferred and Srs. Lima Rose, Anupama and Meena came in their place respectively.Sr. Anupama was teaching in the high school in English Medium. Mr. Mitra the senior most teacher retired in 2004 May.A grand farewell was given to him after having cleared all his dues like gratuity, P.F. etc.

Sr. Nita and Sr. Pramela took over as Superior and Principal of the school as Sr. Asha as the Head Mistress of St. Joseph school. Srs. Zarina and Madhuri too were teaching in the school. In 2005 Sr. Yolande took charge as the Head Mistress of St. Joseph’s school. The society’s re-registration had to be done in Jharkhand. In 2005 Sr. Pramela did the needful to register the society afresh in the state of Jharkhand under the Societies of registration Act 21 1860 in accordance with the notification S.O. No. JS10117/05/726 Ranchi dated 18.11.2005 of inspector General of Registration Jharkhand. The annex building was put up during the superior ship of Sr. Nita in 2005. Srs. Pramela and Meena were transferred and Srs. Theresilda, Elvira and Agnes Furgoes came in their place. Sr. Nita by all means wanted to start Plus Two and decided to write to the Provincial for the permission. As well as to the Board. A piece of land [21 khattas] was purchased for play ground. Sr. Shirley succeeded Sr.Nita. Sr. Vijaya too joined the community.In April 2008 the Parish Church was going to celebrate the centenary of its establishment. The sisters along with staff, students and parishners conducted a fete in the campus and collected an amount nearing a lakh for the church centenary celebration. The computer education was rentered by the Educomp but in 2008 June onwards the school had its own computer lab with 20 new computers.

The Golden Jubilee inauguration was done on 20th October 2008. All the delegates of the 1st Provincial Chapter of the Eastern Province were present for the function. The school introduced Salwar Kameeze for high school girls from March 2009. Sr. Shirley was elected councilor for Social Apostolate so Sr. Jaya Mary took over as Superior.Srs. Faustina, Helen Marie, Leena Lakra and Meena became the part of the community. Srs. Julie’s and Saritha’s Final Profession was held in our chapel on 24th April 2009 . Bishop Julius Marandi was the main Celebrant, a sumptuous lunch was served for their relatives sisters and friends after the mass. The year 2009 was a memorable one as the convent and the school celebrated the 50 yrs of its existence in Madhupur. So many sisters , fathers and well- wishers were present for the Jubilee Celebration on 6th and 7th November 2009. The Superior General Sr. Victorine , the Provincial superior of Northern Province Sr. Gesualda and Sr. Prasanna Provincial Superior of Eastern Province and Sr. Tessa the General Councillor for Education were the special guests for the occasion.